A Day with Glen Krohn
Friday, July 28, 2017
As we shot our latest swimwear campaign 'Coco Loco' with Australian photographer Glen Krohn, we were lucky enough to have 5 minutes to chat all things summer, travel and swimwear.
How long have you been a photographer for? 
I have been working as a photographer for 9 years now.
Wow! So you have been in the industry for a while - how long have you specialized shooting swimwear for? And why do you love shooting swimwear?
I have specialized in swimwear for two and a half years now. I decided to pursue this area because I really love the simplicity of it and how it is so beauty focused. It also enables me to explore the most amazing tropical locations.
I can imagine! It looks like you have traveled to many beautiful locations - what is the most favorite place that you have ever shot at? 
Flores, Indonesia.

And where is somewhere you would love to tick off the bucket list and travel to, to shoot? 
I would love to travel to and shoot in Italy!
You have worked with so many iconic labels and models -  if there was anyone in the world you could work for or with, who would it be?
There is no one in particular - I just feel extremely grateful to be able to shoot anywhere I travel to in the world.
See more of Glen's work here -  @glenkrohn